Fan-Made Battlefield 1 Cinematic Shows How Beautiful the Game Really Is


We’re still over two weeks away from the launch of Battlefield 1 and in anticipation, Electronic Arts have been feeding fans glimpses of the shooter’s single-player experience.

There’s no denying this year’s installment of the shooter has a more sensitive approach and while it’s nice to immerse ourselves in pre-launch content, it’s nice to go back to where it all started, the Closed Alpha.

A lot of people never got the chance to take in how beautiful the St. Quentin Scar multiplayer map really is, so to drive that sentiment home, YouTuber Berdu created a jaw-dropping cinematic showing the various classes available, with the French countryside as a backdrop.

Check it out below:

Battlefield is available on October 21st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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