How to Rank up Fast in Battlefield 1


Just picked up Battlefield 1 and want to plow through them classes as quickly as humanly possible? They are millions out there looking to do the same, playing but not knowing the best way to rank up fast.

The progression system in Battlefield 1 is a little different than previous releases in the series, offering a general progression bar with a title and another bar for each class, with gear and weapons unlockable the more you use.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick east-to-do tip on filling your coffers with XP, you’re going to have to work. However, they are ways of cutting of the trim and making the level-to-level journey less demanding.

Check out some of our tips for ranking up fast in Battlefield 1 below:

  • Never leave a match early, doing so will strip you of any post-match bonuses. The bonus XP you receive and any XP multipliers in effect will be redundant, so try stick around, even if you’re losing.
  • This goes without saying, don’t be afraid to help your team capture and arm objectives. You’d be amazed the number of times I’ve seen a layer top a leaderboard from just capturing flags, the points gained are not to be sniffed at.
  • Killing enemies isn’t the only way to receive XP. Spotting enemies, dropping ammo, reviving teammates, adding suppressive fire, and kill assists all offer decent XP.
  • DICE really want to reward a well-playing squad and those going above the call will be given a nice boost of XP on nearly every team-based move; taking flags, killing while inside a tank, you get the picture.
  • Like all Battlefield games, a squad leader can assign an attack or defend order, which if executed will give those who answered the call a nice boost of XP.
  • The medal system has returned in Battlefield 1 and offers a huge amount of XP for completing certain challenges. DICE give you the ability to choose a certain medal assigned to each class, so pick one suited your playstyle and reap the rewards.
  • If you manage to collect a particular medal 100 times you’ll receive even more XP. Something to think about for your soldier sometime down the line.
  • Battlepacks dish out XP boosts, so use them in a game mode you kick ass at and start shooting.
  • When playing modes like Conquest and Operations, use vehicles in your vicinity to get from one flag to another, the more time you spend capturing and defending flags, the more XP you’ll make.
  • While Operations goes on for longer, you’ll receive fewer match bonuses due to the time needed to complete one match compared to Conquest. Food for thought.

That’s all we have for now, but make sure to check back in the future for more tips on how to gain XP fast.

If you’ve picked up the Early Enlister edition of Battlefield 1, or have Early Access and Origin Access, then you’re already knee-deep in World War 1 action.

For those who didn’t, Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st worldwide for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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