Battlefield 1 Information Blowout, Everything we Know


After weeks of speculation and not so accurate rumors, Electronic Arts and DICE revealed Battlefield 1 on Friday at a world premiere event in London, England.

The highlight of the night was the action-packed trailer that confirmed the First World War setting previously rumored and some other information developers divulged on stage.

Instead of having to traverse the Internet looking for different snippets of information on the new shooter, we decided to put everything we know onto one page and save you the effort.

Here’s everything we know about Battlefield 1 so far.

The Trailer

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, make sure you check out the trailer if you haven’t already. It has horses, flamethrowers, planes, cannons, ships, spades, and much more.


Not much information has been spilled on specific locations, only that certain battles will take place in the Western front, Arabian desert, Italian Alps, and areas of France. Given the diversity of terrain shown in the trailer, we expect the campaign to bring gamers across all of Europe which will bear fruit for multiplayer maps and future DLC content.


Check out some hi-res screenshots showing some the locations you’ll visit in-game.

There’s a Beta

Like every installment of the Battlefield franchise, a beta will commence before its release on October 21st and getting your name on the list is simple. All you need to do is head over to and become a Battlefield Insider by signing up.

Some Other Noticeable Features

  • The game will have horses, in what capacity is still unknown.
  • The campaign will give the player more choice and load outs will greatly affect how difficult missions can be.
  • There will be a range of different classes available, including Medic, Support, and Scout.
  • Gas masks featured in the trailer and what looked like Mustard Gas. Chemical warfare could feature heavily in the campaign and multiplayer.
  • Melee combat has being revamped, to what end is unknown at this time.
  • Weapon customization more fleshed out than previous iterations from the series.


We’ll be bringing you more information on Battlefield 1 over the coming months, so make sure to stay tuned for anything new.

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