Battlefield 1 – How to Kill Elite Classes With Ease


Much like the hero pickup in Star Wars: Battlefront, Elite Classes are available in Battlefield 1 and can be obtained by simply finding them on the map. Once equipped, you’re capable of taking a considerable amount of damage will also taking whatever the enemy throws at you.

These well-armored bundles of joy aren’t invincible and can be defeated using one of the newest features to come to the popular series.The bayonet charge is easy to use and a whole lot of fun when you hit the sweet spot.

The bayonet charge is easy to use and a whole lot of fun when you hit the sweet spot. Instead of wasting a complete mag of your primary, just attach a bayonet and charge towards an Elite Class. Doing so will take them down in one hit, saving you ammo and a whole lot of effort.

That doesn’t mean bullets won’t work, you can take an Elite Class down with a magazine or two. Furthermore, using grenades, anti-tank grenades, and dynamite does the trick as well.

If you end up picking upan Elite Class and want to stay alive, just keep an ear out for a soldier’s scream, it usually indicates someone is using a bayonet charge near your location.

While it might seem a tad overpowered, Elite Classes can avail of halth kits and ammo puches, meaning ou can stay as an Elite Class for a whole round if you play your cards right. If you have any tips on killing Elite Classes or suriving as one, let us know.

Battlefield 1 is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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