Battlefield 1 Operations – Some Things You May Not Know


While conquest is still an enjoyable outing in Battlefield 1, those looking for a more objective driven experience quickly turn their attention to Operations, the newest mode to come to the shooter series.

The mode calls on a defending team to keep watch over a sector holding a number of objectives. Lose the objectives and you fall back to the next sector, with the chance of playing multiple maps in one game a possibility.

While you may be playing the mode since the game’s release late last month, there may be a few things you could have missed in the mode that will make your life a little easier.

Retreating Has its Benefits

Nobody likes losing and while your defense of a sector might have failed, retreating to the stronghold is beneficial to your squad and to yourself. When the retreat order is giving, you will be highlighted to the enemy team, making you an easy target. By making it to the safety of the next sector, your health will be and ammo will be refilled, a reward for following orders.

How to Marking Objectives Without Accidently Spotting Enemies

It can be very frustrating when a squad leader refuses to mark objectives, even when you mash request order over and over. Sometimes, when leaders do play the objective, they tend to mistakenly mark objective while attempting to mark enemies, sending you all over the map like a headless chicken.

With one move you can at least ensure you do the job properly. How do you ask? Simply the options menu, under Gameplay > Advanced, you can turn the set Context-Based Order Giving to No, meaning all your orders will need to come from the Commo Rose(Battlefield’s text based cloud), where you choose an objective and highlight attack or defend.

Killing stragglers in Operations While Attacking Rewards You

Once the retreat order is giving to the defending team, their entire roster of players – still alive at that time – will be highlighted on the map. You may be thinking that this is simply DICE rewarding you for your good work, but there’s actually more to it.

Killing these marked enemies is actually a chance for your team to regain lost tickets, giving your battalion a little boost before entering the next sector. So if you see them with their back turned to battle, take them out.

Tanks Can Be Damaged More Than You Think

I don’t know about you, but tanks in Battlefield 1 are furiously overpowered, making defending objectives an absolute pain. Hitting it with a rocket gun or stationary weapon will do some damage, but will catch their attention, making you an instant target.

Unlike previous Battlefield games, hitting an armored vehicle in a certain area can disable its weapon, making it less dangerous and easier to take down completely. Hitting the sweet spot may cause the driver to retreat, leaving you to control the sector without getting lambasted by shells.

You Can Change The Announcers Voice

This doesn;t necessarily help your cause in Operations, but it’s too cool not to mention. The default announcer voice for Battlefield 1 is a women’s voice by default and I myself thought he could not be chanced.

Well it can and if you’d like a male voice shouting over your multiplayer matches, just head into options and under the Audio tab, just switch the announcer option.

We hope some of these tips are helpful when on the Battlefield. If you have any tips you’d like to share with us, just leave them in the comments below.

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