Battlefield 4 Community to Protest by Closing Servers

Battlefield 4 Community to Protest by Closing Servers

Members of the Battlefield 4 community have banded together to protest against developer DICE this week. The collective plan to shut down their servers on Saturday, January 3, 2015.

They hope the protest will force DICE into making changes in how the developer communicates with server admins. The leaders of this small movement revealed what they think are serious problems within the game and what they would like to see changed.

Their own words below:


  • Admins are unhappy about changes
  • Admins use the CTE forums to communicate issues but are being ignored
  • Dices politic regarding ranked servers
  • Hidden patches and usually without warning
  • Patch notes arriving too late
  • No consistency in running servers
  • Too many restrictions in server presets (e.g. idle timeout, max. vehicle spawn delay, etc.)
  • Not enough control about amounts of vehicles that spawn or classes/weapons to use
  • Splitting up the community with premium
  • Official preset not administered
  • No admin-only spectator
  • The fight against cheater (why does every client get all data?)

What do we hope to achieve with this strike:

  • Better in-time communication from Dice to admins
  • To stop deceiving admins with hidden patches
  • That Dice establishes a communication pipeline with admins which is being listened to

Take this as a caution, Saturday will probably not be the best time to play Battlefield 4.

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Source: WeAreBattlefield

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