Battlefield 4’s Craziest Easter Egg Has Been Solved

Battlefield 4's Craziest Easter Egg Has Been Solved

Battlefield 4 is still popular among fans and developer DICE are still pumping out content for the shooter. If you’re familiar with the game, then you know DICE are big fans of Easter Eggs and their latest DLC offering has the most elaborate one yet.

Legacy Operations offers a remake of classic map Dragon Valley and an Easter Egg that isn’t as straight forward as others we’ve seen. YouTuber JackFrags was on hand again to try to crack the egg and after plenty of research, trial and error, and help from the community, they figured it out.

In a certain area of the map, you’ll find lanterns that flicker at certain times, it’s actually Morse code and it translates to “Did you miss me? Good luck, JJJU.” JJUU is Julian Manolov, one of the masterminds at DICE behind the Easter Egg.

After that, you need to flip well-hidden switches found around the map, blow up certain objects in a particular order, even use Sony Vegas to listen to the audio. It’s all very complicated, but if you manage to solve it you’ll pick up an exclusive camo which was only available to DICE.

Crazy detail by DICE, the kind of attention that keeps shooter’s like this alive way after launch.

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