Battlefield 4 – Double XP for Premium Members This Weekend

Battlefield 4 - Double XP for Premium Members This Weekend

Fancy some help getting through those never-ending ranks? Well you are in luck comrades as DICE are giving Battlefield 4 Premium members double XP all this weekend.

The double dash of experience will begin Saturday at 2am PDT / 10pm CET and will be available to Premium members across all platforms. This little treat will go nicely with the recently released Naval Strike expansion Premium members also received during the week.

The water-themed DLC was delayed for a short period on the Xbox One, but DICE managed to get the expansion out to users before the weekend. Unfortunately the jury is still out on when PC users will get in on the action, we’re still waiting for an ETA.

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  • Rapidly growing tired of publishers making a two tiered gaming society in an attempt to squeeze a little bit of extra cash out of us. Exclusives and bonus XP periods for those who pay up front are a bane of gaming, publishers become more interested in what gimmicks they can design to get us to part with cash than putting quality into the DLC (and sometimes even the game).

  • McDonald James

    Agree with you 100% Banhammer, it’s coming very hard for publisher’s like EA and Activision to hide their obvious greed! Just waiting for micro-transactions to run rife and ruin online multiplayer forever!