Battlefield 4 – Dragon’s Teeth DLC Key Art Revealed

Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC Gameplay Collection

The content in still rolling out for Battlefield 4 and after a leak earlier this week we now have our first glimpse of expansion ‘Dragon’s Teeth’, which is on course to release sometime during the summer.

Developer DICE have officially revealed the expansion’s key art, showcasing the ballistic shield teased by one of the studio’s developers some time back and reiterates the DLC’s take on urban warfare.


It’s also been rumored that weapons such as the Desert Eagle, Bulldog 762 Assault Rifle and CS5 Sniper Rifle will feature, along with different grades of EOD bots. Still no word on vehicles however, or if they will even feature given the urban setting.

All will be revealed next week thankfully, DICE promising fans they will get a glimpse of some Dragon’s Teeth gameplay. Once that drops we’ll make sure you know.

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Source: Battlefield

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