Battlefield 4 Hardcore Gamers Have Their Say

Battlefield 4 Hardcore Gamers Have Their Say

The Battlefield 4 hardcore community are a proud bunch, deciding to neglect the normal online skirmishes for the more dangerous hardcore settings rich with obvious restrictions. Its incitement is understandable on many levels however, but for the most part the added challenge is what draws the crowd.

The Battlefield community might have shifted over the years following the game’s rise in popularity, but not much has changed, gamers still flock to the many servers online and dive into the jaw-dropping action on offer. The question now is if the hardcore community is still in good hands, is developer DICE doing enough to keep gamers happy?

To get a real sense of what the hardcore community thinks about the mode’s current role in Battlefield 4, we spoke to members of hardcore clan IVI and other members of Battlefield 4’s hardcore roster and asked how the game can be improved or changed to offer more realistic experience.


Q. What is it you enjoy when playing Hardcore game modes?

Brian J McFlurry – Killing four ma’ fuckers with one magazine!

Michael Curtiss – HUD and the heightened realism – Kill or be killed much easier.

Brenton James – One shotting enemies with sniper rifles.

EN White – Not having an orange triangle over my head for all the world to see, being able to take out three people with one clip as opposed to one on core. Too many other advantages.

Q. In your opinion, is the Battlefield Hardcore community on the up or failing

Deiric O’hUallachain – Going down rapidly.

Brian J McFlurry – I think it’s rising. I think people are getting fed up with spotting

Michael Curtiss – l also agree it’s getting a little more popularity, but would really like it if it grew further.

Alex Broadway – It’s not going down or up!

Q. Has DICE catered to the Hardcore community?

Michael Curtiss – Because of the lower amount of players in hardcore, I don’t think so. It’s probably 10% of the people playing compared to the other 90% in normal, so I’d understand why.

Brian J McFlurry – Not really. They Nerf and buff weapons for softcore. We get the leftovers.

Alex Broadway – Yup, they listen to the community!

EN white – It started out really bad but I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and things have got much better. Looking forward to private servers.

Brenton James – Yes

Q. Do you think a lot of other first person shooters don’t cater to hardcore fans?

Deiric O’hUallachain – Wouldnt know all I play is Battlefield HOOHA!

Brian J McFlurry – They all have some sort of hardcore mode. I actually liked Call of Duty’s Hardcore mode best.

Brenton James – Yes

EN white – There are other games out there? Honestly BF4 has grown roots in my PS4 and can’t be removed.

Michael Curtiss – Hard to say this but I feel like CoD had more of a hardcore scene.

Q. What do you think DICE can do to make Battlefield HC better?

Deiric O’hUallachainGet away from EA …and update the servers so they can handle Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 4.

MichaeI Curtiss – Some kind of publicity or attempt to get people in it, like a hardcore only double XP just to get people to try. I feel like most are intimidated and never give it a shot. But I know a lot of my core-playing friends enjoy the spotting and healing because they have a more fun rather than serious experience.

EN white – Remove aim assist. Hard core no need in aim assist.

Brian J McFlurryLimit the number of recons per team and make DMRs exclusive to recons again, and not all-class weapons.

Ali MA – PlayStation 4 servers are garbage and rubberbanding makes me crazy maps are not very well designed though for hardcore mode some maps are too open and long-range sniping is an issue.

Brenton James – Different game modes for hardcore. Make it different.

EN White – Another thing, our clan has talked and would like to be able to color the other squads in your clan something besides blue. So you can pick out your squads. Make sense?

Alex Broadway – Decrease ammo I think… and long-range view?


Thanks to the IVI clan and the Hardcore community for taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to check out everything Hardcore in Battlefield then head over to their Facebook page here.

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