Battlefield 4 Night Operations Update Coming Next Month

Apparently, People in North Korea Have Access to Battlefield 4

Finally the night vision attachment for my M4 has a purpose. Developer DICE will be releasing the Night Operations update for Battlefield 4 this September, along with “several improvements and tweaks to allow for more stealthy and tactical gameplay.”

A trailer released along with the announcement showed the popular Zavod 311 map, but plunged into darkness and renamed Zavod: Graveyard Shift.

“We touched things like passive/active spotting to make it easier to flank your opponent,” the studio wrote in a recent blog entry. “We’ve improved the sound system so you can pinpoint where those footsteps come from. Additionally, we’ve also given the gadgets and tools of the night an improvement pass to make them shine in the dark (but less so during the day).”

Check the trailer out below.

We’ll bring you more news on Night Operations for Battlefield 4 when it becomes available.

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Source: Battlefield Blog

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