Battlefield 4 – Rent-A-Server Now Available on Consoles

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Good news for Battlefield 4 gamers on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, as DICE have finally rolled out the Rent-A-Server system, allowing gamers to own their own lobbies for a price.

When a server is purchased by a player they will be able to customize it to their liking, from the maps that are in rotation to the game modes being played.

Below are the prices developer DICE have set to rent a server:

  • 1 day \\ $1.49
  • 2 days \\ $6.99
  • 30 days \\ $24.99
  • 90 days \\ $59.99

Right now the amount of servers on offer are low, so give it some time and the servers available will increase.

The developer also announced that a fix for the rather distasteful “death shield bug” that was highlighted by the Battlefield community just last month.

“We’d also like to inform you that with today’s server update, we are deploying a fix for the issue being referred to as “Death Shield,” where an invisible “shield” would appear around killed enemies, blocking weapons fire,” writes DICE. “Thank you for being patient as we worked to get this resolved”

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Source: Battlefield Blog

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