Advanced Warfare: Ascendance – “Burgertown Escort Service” Achievement Guide

Advanced Warfare: Ascendance - "Burgertown Escort Service" Achievement Guide

Now that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s newest DLC “Ascendance” is available on PlayStation and PC, everyone can dig into the new Exo-Zombies Infection offering.

Apart from killing hordes of Zombies out for blood – which is hard enough, there’s also achievements to be had. Today we’ll be looking at the “Burgertown Escort Service” achievement/trophy, which upon completion you’ll receive 15G for Xbox and a bronze trophy for PlayStation.

Burgertown Escort Service Achievement Guide

You won’t be able to complete the achievement off the bat unfortunately. Only at round 6 or after will the opportunity present itself.

Once you hit round six you’ll receive a message from Atlas telling you they are survivors in your vicinity which you need to escort to a location on the map. Survivors are not escorted to the same extraction point, each one will have their own set location to be dropped off.

When you’ve located a survivor you’ll need to protect them from zombies while bringing them to the extraction location. Things can get hairy so having some distraction drones handy will make the journey less stressful.

At the extraction point you must guard the survivor until a helicopter arrives and hoists them to safety. If you or a team member has a turret handy then setting it up just in front of the survivor should supply got cover, making a guard around the exposed areas until their ride arrives.

Success will bring a weapon upgrade at the end of the round for the weapon you’re currently holding, so make sure to switch to whatever weapon you wish to upgrade before the timer runs out.

If you fail to complete the achievement and let the survivor become zombie dinner you’ll be hit with some nasty restrictions. An EMP effect will hit your exo-suit and any other electronic device you have. It will last for around 30 seconds, which in that time a lot can happen.

Don’t want you becoming another statistic do we!


If you have any tips of your own that might make the achievement that much easier to get then make sure to share.

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