Advanced Warfare Multiplayer, All The Little Things We Love

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The multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare shared more than its fair share, from the many exoskeleton abilities that seem to flood the online portion to the clear and present upgrades developer Sledgehammer Games have brought to the series as a whole.

The shooter is set to launch on November 4th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. While most of what was shown grabs your attention, some might fail to notice the little things Sledgehammer added to make that gaming experience even better, no matter how small they may be.

We scoured through all the multiplayer footage and other features outside the game wand rustled up a few little things that had us smiling.

That Jumping Free Fall Feeling

Once you start to immerse yourself in Advance Warfare you will find yourself boosting a lot, now I’m not talking about the illegal art of gaining XP, but jumping, side-steeping and other movements the exoskeleton suit has to offer. The jump boost ability you will use more often and while Sledgehammer nailed the jump sequence itself, it’s the descent that should heap the praise.

While you hit your high point and gravity begins to bring you to earth, it almost feels like you’re experiencing it yourself, when your body feels the weightless of a sudden drop. The added animation of your gun lifting and jolting when hitting the ground is an added touch.

The Orbital Care Package

Gone are the days of the brave drop ship or chinook entering the battlefield to deliver you awards for your good work. In Advanced Warfare the care package will come from the sky with a giant ping like a meteor, slamming into the ground with great force.

The animation as a whole is a joy to watch and you’ll find yourself getting mowed down more often than not watching it. You also don’t want to get caught under it, unless you enjoy being a permanent feature of the pavement.

Audio Foot Work

Another big change you may have noticed is the sound improvements throughout Advanced Warfare’s single-player and multiplayer offering. One constant sound you’ll hear is your character’s footsteps as you go in search of his next kill, dignified with a thump as you trot along the battlefield.

It differs in a good way from previous installments, giving you a more immersive feel in-game when you run or walk on different type of surfaces. For example, running on wood would make less noise then running on cold steel, thus making the most basic movement in the game important in whatever strategy you use.

Who Needs To Throw Things?

If you’re playing Call of Duty as long as me then you know just how long it takes to cook that flashbang or semtex. In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games have changed it up, now also given us the option to shoot grenades from our limbs! REJOICE!

Embracing the future setting, gamers can opt to use the rocket pod launcher attached to their left arm, given a significant increase in accuracy and making you feel like all round boss. The community seems to welcome these changes as they’re greatly revamp of a much used system, definitely out of the norm for Call of Duty.

Day Zero? Don’t mind if I do!

As we near ever closer to the launch of Advanced Warfare this November, publisher Activision begin to throw pre-order deals our way. These deals usually include the usual skins, camos and other personalization goodies you can flaunt in front of their friends post-launch.

This year it seems Activision woke up and finally took advantage of the impatience of us the gamer, those who stand in the bitter cold at midnight to pick up the yearly shooter. Enter the Advanced Warfare Day Zero edition, giving gamers the chance to play this year’s biggest shooter 24-hours earlier than everyone else and all you have to do is stroll into your local gaming outlet or jump onto the online store and pre-order.

Nice touch Activision!

The Traditional Playlist

While exoskeleton suits play a pivotal role in Advanced Warfare, they may not be to everyone’s liking, those out there who much rather the normal traditional run and gun action seen in previous installments.

To combat the issue developer Sledgehammer Games announced the “traditional playlist” void of any exo-suits and will be available once the game launches this November. This reflects Sledgehammer’s promise to listen to the community and give them what they want. While the gesture will go down well, the multiplayer maps are big and we can see ourselves getting frustrated getting from A to B.

Hopefully the developer can come up with a compromise for the issue, but other than that we’re excited to play it!

There’s plenty more features both old and new that Advanced Warfare have planned to rock the ship this November. If we missed some then why not let us know in the comment section below or even over on our Facebook page.

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