Black Ops 2 Origins Guide – Not A Gold Digger Achievement

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We’re back soldiers, with another step-by-step guide for ‘Origins’, the new zombies campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. If you missed our last guide on the ‘All Your Base’ achievement then have no fear, you can check it out right here. Today however we’re taking a look at the ‘Not A Gold Digger’ achievement, the less stressful of the bunch.

A nice addition to Origins is the shovel, while the normal gardening tool doesn’t sound like much amidst zombie chaos, it’s essential to pull off this achievement. First thing you’ll need to do is find it, the little bugger will pop up in three different places, situated randomly each time you play. You can check them out below:

  • The hallway next to the medals talk
  • The mini-tank area by the church
  • The lightning staff excavation site by Generator five

Once in your possession you will have the ability to dig mounds around the map that produce weapons, coming in the form of floating icons. Once one appears make sure not to claim the weapon for yourself and allow one of your fellow teammates to take the pick up.

After your act of kindness you will see the ‘Not A Gold Digger’ achievement appear. If you see someone running around the icon like a lunatic than help a bro out, they’re probably on the hunt for the achievement themselves.

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