Black Ops 2 Zombies – ‘Buried’ DLC Could Have Scavenger Perk

Black Ops 2 'Always Running' Video Shows New 'Buried' Zombie Mode

Those looking forward to the zombie map shipping out with the upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC ‘Vengeance‘ have more than just a new setting to look forward to. With developer Treyarch taking fans to the desolate lands of the old west, we can expect plenty of cowboy-esqe hat wearing individuals trying to rip your character to pieces as well as a new addition to the growing zombie perks we see in-game.

Following the release of the recent ‘Vengeance’ DLC reveal trailer, internet ninjas have scoured through the video and dissected every ounce of information possible, among what was found, a brand new perk machine. If you skip to 2:50 in the trailer you will get a glimpse of the perk machine titled ‘Vulture-Aid Soda”, with an image of a vulture’s head slap in the middle, with many comparing it to the Scavenger perk we see in the multiplayer portion of the series.

If this is true then means gamers can re-supple their ammo from downed zombies or at least receive a certain amount of ammo after each round has ended. It’s to early to say what exactly the perk will do and we have to take into consideration the creative minds in Treyarch’s Zombies division, so it could end up turning your character into a horse for all we know!

If you want to see the machine for yourself than you can check out MW3Stream’s YouTube video below, giving us a better look at the new addition to the perk family.

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