Ghosts – Devastation DLC Now Available on Xbox One

Ghosts - Devastation DLC Now Available on PlayStation and PC

The wait is finally over for gamers as Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC ‘Devastation’ finally makes its way to the Xbox One users, available to purchase now from the in-game store.

Devastation will include four brand new multiplayer maps, one in which is a reimagined version of popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 map ‘Dome’, The Ripper Assault/SMG weapon which packs a punch and finally Episode 2: Mayday, the next installment in the Extinction saga.

Like previous outing Onslaught and it’s guest Mike Myers from Halloween fame, gamers will once again be able to experience a special field order in Devastation. The new Predator field-order reward will allow gamers to roam the jungles of multiplayer map as the iconic action character and hunt fellow gamers like a boss.

Will you be picking up Devastation?

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