Call of Duty: Ghosts – Dynamic Maps in Multiplayer Set to Feature

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While some fans of Call of Duty indulge in the series for its sharp campaign mode, many others are just in it for the rush of Multiplayer action, something Call of Duty: Ghosts will look to shine at come this November. As per usual none of this anticipated Multiplayer action was shown at the recent E3 conference leaving fans annoyed and downright agitated. However some details did leak through from the event, promising some new features for us noobs this time around.

The guys and gals over at IGN managed to get some interview time with Tina Palacios, who’s currently the senior community manager at developer Infinity Ward. Palacios didn’t reveal much Multiplayer info, but did confirm the introduction of dynamic maps into the online portion of the shooter, adding a whole new level of immersion for gamers:

“Unfortunately we are not really talking about it at this time, but we have revealed a couple of things about multiplayer,” said Palacios. “We talked about dynamic maps, so they could be anything from environmental changes in multiplayer maps, like a flood, so you got to get to higher ground while still fighting your opponent. It could also be triggered by the player itself, where you open new parts of the level or even set up booby traps to kill your enemies.”

Palacios also touched on player customization, with the way players approach obstacles and mantle them doused with a big bucket of fluidity. She also mentioned the ability to lean-aim around corners, something that was only previously available to PC gamers.

For now that’s all we know about the shooter’s Multiplayer, but we can expect a reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts sometime in August, so it ain’t that long to wait.

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Source: IGN

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