Ghosts – Infinity Ward Rename Playlists For April Fools

Ghosts - Infinity Ward Rename Playlists For April Fools

It looks like developer Infinity Ward are embracing April Fools this year, changing the names of all game modes in the Call of Duty: Ghosts playlist for one day.

It’s a pretty cool move from Infinity Ward who are always up for a laugh and has been meet well by the community. You can check out all the renamed game modes found under the ‘standard playlist’ below:

  • PEW PEW (Team Deathmatch)
  • All The Guns (Gun Game)
  • PCP (Cranked)
  • Transfer (Blitz)
  • Set Up Us The Bomb (Search and Rescue)
  • YOLO (Search and Destroy)
  • Sickness (Infected)
  • Tags Or It Didn’t Happen (Kill Confirmed)
  • Bro, Do u even cap? (Domination)
  • New Shit (Drop Zone)
  • Wolfpack of 1 (Free for All)
  • Tic Tac Fo’ (Team Tactical)
  • Booms of Plenty (Ground War)

Which April Fools game mode name is your favorite? We think “PEW PEW” soars above the rest.

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