Call of Duty: Ghosts Servers DDoS’d by hacker group ‘LizardSquad’

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It seems that many gamers worldwide are currently having trouble connecting to Call of Duty: Ghosts and its online servers today, with rumors roaming that hacker group LizardSquad DDoS’d the shooter’s servers.

The hacking outfit are known for the recent DDOS attack on the PlayStation Network, causing gamers worldwide being unable to log into the PSN account and play online. Beachhead Studios have also now confirmed they will be postponing the scheduled Clan Wars event scheduled this weekend until the issues have been resolved.

A recent tweet by the LizarSquad Twitter page:

Activision or developer Infinity Ward have yet to respond to claims Call of Duty: Ghosts has been compromised, but once they do we’ll make sure to bring it to your attention.

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