Infinite Warfare Will Not Avail of New Game Engine, Will Feature Improvements


Upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will launch with the same 10-year-old engine used in previous installments of the series, but will avail of some new improvements to keep it relevant.

Jacob Minkoff, the Design Director at Infinity Ward, revealed the news while speaking to AusGamers recently, stating that while the engine isn’t news, the studio has made continual improvements to their tech.

“In the last three years, we have made continual improvements to our tech,” explained Minkoff “We have overhauled our animation engine, physics, AI system, NPC behaviors and more. We are doing a lot that has never been done in the series before, like seamless, streaming level transition, for instance, that allow us to go from ground combat to space and then inside our hub as a continual experience, so we needed to re-engineer our systems to deliver on that vision.

“We’re also using physically-based rendering, which means more detailed lighting and improved shading across the board. Surfaces in our game, from the hallway of a warship to the wrinkles on a character’s forehead will be seen more realistically and naturally than ever before. We’ve built a new performance capture stage too. Our tech really lets us bring the actors’ performances to life in a really cool way. We can’t wait for fans to play the game for themselves.”

The gaming community hasn’t taken kindly to the news Infinity Ward will be dishing out run-and-gun action once again on the same tech used to create Call of Duty 2.

The lack of graphical improvement was on show during the game’s reveal trailer, panned by many fans for not only its technical properties but also from a creative perspective.

Needless to say, something needs to change to compete with the highly impressive Battlefield, the re-emergence of Titanfall, and other great first-person shooters soon hitting the market.

Do you think Infinity Ward using the same engine for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a good move?

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