Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer Breakdown and Analysis


Activision and Infinity Ward dropped the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare today and as you would expect, it was was jam-packed with action.

We took a closer look at the explosive reveal to see what we could learn from the newest installment of the series.

If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet you can do so below.

The Breakdown and Analysis

  • We know from the beginning of the reveal that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is set in the distance future with yet again a heavy emphasis on the use of advanced technology.
  • Snippets of footage at the start point towards a terrorist attack in Geneva, Switzerland dubbed “the biggest surprise attack in the history of the world”.
  • Like the teasers released before the reveal, the Settlement Defence Force (SDF) is the prime suspect for the attack and will most likely be the main antagonists of the shooter’s campaign mode.
  • Throughout the reveal trailer, advanced weaponry, and futuristic aircraft are present.
  • At around the 33-second mark, we see a female character partnered with a mechanical soldier. It will be interesting to see if the soldier is attached to your character or independent to itself – maybe a scorestreak in the multiplayer portion of the game.
  • With friendly soldiers critically wounded near the beginning of the reveal, it’s clear that at one point you’re on the losing side of the warring factions, with earth the battling ground.
  • For the most part, the weapons carried by soldiers don’t seem to be too futuristic and avoid the use of plasma or lasers. However, it’s early days and this could change.
  • Soldiers on both sides look to have extensive armor on their backs, but no indications if this will prompt exo-skeleton abilities like boost-jump.
  • You may be able to fly spaceships in space. The trailer does seem to show this in a more cinematic sense, so it’s unclear if flying is a gameplay option.
  • The Sun is visible at 2:04 in the trailer, which could mean space exploration deep into the solar system, or time warp capabilities.
  • Some landscapes don’t look earth like, which could mean missions on foreign planets, a first for the series.
  • A black-haired female character appears on several occasions, possible main character?
  • A soldier with a British flag stitched to his combat armor could mean a task force or army consisting of many different countries.
  • Firefights in zero gravity confirmed.
  • Non-human enemy combatants visible at 2:37 in the trailer.
  • At 2:46 in the trailer, we can see the planet Saturn in the backdrop, meaning a mission could take place on one of its many moons.
  • The game will launch on November 4th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • From the 3:00-minute mark onwards we get a glimpse of Modern Warfare Remastered, the first official confirmation of its existence.
  • The remaster is only available with the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, costing a hefty $79.00.
  • It’s says in fine print, the remaster will launch with ONLY 10 multiplayer maps, meaning we could see no further maps in the future.


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