Destiny – Beat This Week’s Nightfall With Ease (Oct 27th)

Destiny's House of Wolves Expansion Lands on May 19th

Each new week in Destiny brings new challenges and like clockwork we have a brand new Weekly Heroic Strike and Nightfall event to indulge in. Unlike last week’s adventure to Earth’s Moon and the grim terrain of its Summoning Pits, this week the Nightfall event takes us to Venus and into the lair of the Nexus and Sekrion, one formidable opponent.

Slapped with a level 28 difficulty we suggest only attempting the strike if you’re the suggested level or one under, if not you’re going to have a bad day. It’s also possible to complete this Strike on your own if you can handle yourself but must be able to deal the stress of starting from scratch if killed. Now that the housekeeping is done let’s jump right in.


The Nexus Level 28 Nightfall Strike

Modifiers – Epic, Anger, Juggler, Nightfall, Void Burn

Rewards – XP,  Vanguard Rep and more


This week will run a little smoother with the help of Void Burn. With this modifier active any weapon with Void attributes will cause three-times the damage. Having a Legendary weapon in your inventory with Void is essential unless you’re a clear try hard and try go all Kinetic. Having some ammo packs will also go a long way if you find yourself lacking, so if you’re running low don’t be afraid to dish out that glimmer and stock up.

Part 1 – The Servitors

From the spawn head straight past the ongoing battle that hasn’t stopped since release day and head down the set of stairs. Dinklebot will inform you of the Servitors in the area but don’t enter the room, instead stay in the corridor and use this area you’re in to take care of business. The first pack of enemies always come from the left and the second pack of Fallen from the door on the right. Be careful of Vandals with fusion rifles as they shoot quick and can put you to sleep pretty easily.

The Servitors will then spawn in random locations, this is when we suggest you equip your Void Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher and take out the purple bundles of joy once you see them, then thinning the crowd afterwards – remember you’re still in the corridor. Once you’ve killed all three Servitors don’t get to excited and run to the next area, you’ll need to watch out for three stealth vandals coming down the stairs, take them out from range before proceeding, don’t try highlander them, you will die.

Once you climb the set of stairs there will be a room with a hefty mob inside, most of them situated on the balcony area at the back. We suggest either lobbing a grenade(tripmine works nicely) or equipping the trustworthy Rocket Launcher, using the wall by the door as cover as you then use your primary to clear the stragglers.

Part 2 – Path to the Nexus

Once you cleared the room head up the stairs and eventually down again until you come to narrow corridor with some Dregs and Vandals, once you dispatch them you’ll come into a semi-circle shaped room where Vex and Fallen are having a disagreement, you can leave them duke it out which lowers their health and make them easy to finish or you can jump right in and take them out, the world is your oyster.

Once you head down another set of stairs you’ll need to kill three Harpies, once done you’ll see a door on the left and the right, take the one to the right and watch out for the Goblins situated at the entrance. Is also important to watch out for Axis Goblins running a muck, they’re packing Void weapons and can easily one-shot you so take them out from range and spawn differently each time. When you edge into the room across the way on the right there will be two hobgoblins on a ledge, again the Sniper Rifle will get the job done.

There will also be two Axis Minotaurs in the center of the area which dish considerable splash damage so be wary of their location. If you get through them head down the hill towards the entrance and past the small pack of Goblins that met you at the door. Follow the path and you’ll come outside to a small pathway which just a little bit down lies an ample group of Goblins. You can use the defilade to good effect here and hit them as they appear, or just jump and put a rocket right in the middle of the group.

Part 3: The Nexus

If you made through the first two parts then congratulations you’re nearly finished this week’s Nightfall event.

Once you enter the cave you may want to think twice before jumping off the ledge and down to the battle below, amazingly you don’t have to jump down at all to defeat Sekrion. However this is classified as cheesing to those more honorable members of Destiny community but is a lot easier than facing the powerful foe head on.

First thing you want to do is clear the Minotaurs and Praetorians down below, there is a few in total Once you kill them the Nexus will open and Sekrion will awake from its slumber. Bungie anticipated Guardians would reluctantly jump down off the ledge so have a sneaky Praetorian spawn at the back of the cave, this little ninja will be your biggest problem, so having your team in a bunch isn’t a good idea, get someone assigned to kill him ever half-minute or so to make sure you don’t get blindsided.

Now it’s really a case of rinse and repeat, continuously hitting Serkion with Void or Solar weapons while watching out for the Praetorian that spawns at the back. Also watch out for Serkion’s attack, like the Minotaurs and Praetorians it has ridiculous splash damage meaning it doesn’t have to hit you directly to kill you.


And there you have it another weekly Nightfall completed and another batch of rewards to put in the kitty. If you have any tips you would like to share then don’t hesitate to let us and the community know.

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