Bungie Helps Two Destiny Players Get Engaged In A Special Way

Bungie Helps Two Destiny Players Get Engaged in A Special Way

Classy Bungie, very classy indeed.

Developer Bungie worked their magic this week to help two Destiny players get engaged in-game, both of whom are real-life video game developers.

Vlambeer developer Rami Ismail, based in Holland, logged into Destiny to see he had new mail from the Postmaster. The mail was from his then girlfriend(now fiance) Adriel Wallick, asking for his hand in marriage.

Bungie did not stop making the moment special then and there, as the onslaught of tweets from the two clearly showed.

The developer even created an emote for the two.

It wouldn’t be a proposal without a ring, right!

We’ve played plenty of Destiny here at LzyGmrs and commend it on its ability to bring people together, break barriers and deliver some unbelievable feats.

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Via: Reddit

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