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What Destiny Weapon Shaders Could Turn Out Like

Have you ever wondered if you could really kill an enemy using your Sparrow as an unmanned projectile? Maybe you have accepted that you have to patiently wait while each and every hobgoblin puts up their fire shield after your first shot. Maybe you would like to know the answers to these questions but don’t really feel like putting forth the effort and time testing them. Don’t worry, Youtube outfit DefendTheHouse has all the answers.

With the recent launch of Destiny, there are countless numbers of players trying out thousands of different approaches when it comes to playing the game. When there are this many people trying anything and everything often times oddities and design flaws are found within the game. Youtube user DefendThehouse has decided to take it upon themselves to seek out rumors floating around the Destiny communities and put them to the test, finding out if the rumors hold true.

Think of this as the ever popular show “Mythbusters” meets Destiny and there you have it. DefendTheHouse has recently launched their new Youtube series dubbed “Destiny Mythbusters” where they will seek out myths floating around Destiny players and give you quick and easy answers to your questions.

Have you heard any wild and bizarre rumors in Destiny? Be sure to post them below and if they are odd enough, you might just find them on the next episode of the series! Also be sure to like our Facebook page to keep updated on our future articles!

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