Here Are the Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Times Guardians

Here Are the Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Times Guardians

We’re one day away from the release of the Rise of Iron expansion for Destiny, bringing a plethora of new features to the shared-world shooter.

Guardians around the world are preparing for the DLC to drop and we have the exact times of launch depending on the region you live in. The expansion will not unlock at midnight like usual DLC releases for the game. Instead, Rise of Iron will launch alongside the Destiny weekly reset.

Check out the times below:

  • Central Europe – 11:00am
  • UK – 10:00am
  • US West Coast – 2:00am
  • US East Coast – 5:00am
  • Australia East Coast – 7:00pm

If your region isn’t shown above and you want to know when Rise of Iron launches for you, go here and find out the exact time.

The Rise of Iron expansion will launch tomorrow and much of the content was already pre-loaded in Bungie’s recent update for the game. The expansion will include a brand new raid which we’ll be covering later this week, so stay tuned.

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