Destiny Private Matches Have Finally Arrived And They’re Decent

Destiny Private Matches Have Finally Arrived And They're Decent

While it might be two years too late, Bungie has finally added the ability to create private matches in Destiny, allowing you to grab a fireteam and enter the Crucible void of public matchmaking.

The mode allows you to pick the score limit, time, game mode, map, and if light level should be balanced. Those who take the game seriously and want to become king – or queen – of the Crucible will find the private match mode a good platform to train. You can traverse the various maps and pinpoint heavy ammo drops and learn the map layout without fear of being killed.

It all feels very similar to the normal Crucible and mirrors the points you earn for a kill. Furthermore, you still get faction rep, end-of-game drops, and more. Unfortunately, for those looking for new weaponry, Three of Coins doesn’t work, meaning private matches aren’t the best place to farm exotics.

The mode is a welcomed sight for those sick of being battered online, giving them a platform to play with friends with different rules in place.

The mode is overdue and there’s no doubting that, but giving how fun it is to jump into, we’ll leave Bungie off with this one.

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