Destiny: Rise of Iron – Fireteam of Three Defeat Raid Without Dying


Another Destiny expansion, another Raid for the community to complete.

Those over-achievers are at it again in Destiny and set their sights on the new Wrath of the Machine Raid bundled in with the recently released Rise of Iron expansion.

Instead of completing the Raid with the usual six guardians, a team of three consisting of sc slayerage, EPICOOKIEZ, and xDom tore through the various sections of the mission is under an hour.

Two of three only recently defeated the main baddie Aksis as a duo a few days earlier and came back again as a trio to finish him off with no deaths for the fireteam recorded.

Check out the video is full below.

Those who’ve yet to complete the raid can use the above video as a guide on how to completely own each section. The Legend Himself clan have been destroying any challenge Destiny offers since the shared-world shooter launched.

The Destiny Rise of Iron expansion is available now on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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