Destiny – The Dark Below DLC Dated and Priced

Destiny - The Dark Below DLC Dated and Priced

The grind in shared-world shooter Destiny is real and some new content is on top of the wish list of many Guardians losing the will to go on. Luckily you won’t have to wait long for the game’s first expansion, with Bungie announcing a release date of December 9th for The Dark Below DLC.

If you haven’t picked up the season pass for Destiny – The Dark Below and House of Wolves DLC both included – then you’ll need to dish out $19.99/£19.99 to pick it up. It’s worth dipping into your pocket however, even more if the PlayStation is the platform of choice.

Along with brand new weapons and armor, the light level for those past level 20 will increase from level 30 to level 32. The story will also see new content revolving around a new character called Eris, who for majority of her life she’s spent hiding among the Hive and has uncovered a devious plan to summon the god Crota and destroy Earth. Eris will be found among those in the Tower and can also offer special quests for your Guardian to partake in.


A brand new co-guardian Strike, The Will of Crota, will feature also and see you face off against Omnigul, a bad egg that is attempting to strengthen the Hive’s forces. Furthermore PlayStation users will receive another Strike alongside called The Undying Mind, details of which are yet unknown.

The Dark Below’s centerpiece will no doubt be “Crota’s End”, a new 6-player raid that from the name will most likely see you face the deity that is Crota. Details on the raid are scarce at this time but we expect some new intel will come to light as we edge towards release.

If the Crucible is more to your liking then you’ll enjoy three new multiplayer maps Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron. Unfortunately no new game modes were announced.

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Source: PS Blog

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