Destiny – Vault of Glass Hard Mode – Tips For Completing it Legitimately

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Any person who decides to Youtube a tutorial on how to beat Destiny’s Vault of Glass on hard mode will find themselves sitting in front of a plethora of videos. While this may sound like a good thing, the problem lies in the method(s) used to beat it. Personally I was disappointed with the fact that so many players were taking the “easy” way out in Vault of Glass Hard Mode by using exploits in the games mechanics. These exploits include sitting up on the ledge during the Templar encounter and sniping oracles, pushing the Templar off the ledge, and pushing Atheon itself off the ledge.

You might be asking yourself “yeah, why not?”. One primary reason I feel that people shouldn’t “cheese” Vault of Glass is because at some point (and now Bungie has officially announced) the game mechanics will be patched so that players can no longer use these exploits to beat the bosses, forcing gamers to use legitimate methods to complete the fights. What most people fail to realize is that, if they have to use these exploits to beat Vault of Glass on hard mode that should tell it all when it comes to gear, level, and weapon damage. Simply put, they aren’t ready to run hard mode yet. Most of all, if a gamer wishes to challenge themselves, they won’t want to take the easy way out and exploit the gameplay. No one should want their gear handed to them. After spending a couple of weeks running Vault of Glass hard mode pretty intensely I have found some important factors which made the difference between winning and losing, which I am about to share with you.

First and foremost, if a player says that they completed Vault of Glass hard mode with level 29’s (or lower) then I will almost guarantee you one of two things, they either used exploits to beat it, or they were carried through by mostly level 30 players with a lot of experience in the hard mode raid. A group of all 29’s simply cannot hold up in hard mode, I will leave a disclaimer, if they are players with god like skill it might be possible, and I would very much like to see it done. So tip #1, take the time to level your gear, farm Vault of Glass on normal until you can reach level 30 (don’t worry, the raid isn’t going away, no need to rush it). We have found that you can get away with having up to two level 29’s and four level 30’s and still succeed. This is absolutely essential for success.

The Vex are powerful, you will need upgraded weapons to defeat them.

The Vex are powerful, you will need upgraded weapons to defeat them.

Although you might have a full group of level 30’s in the raid, if they are packing substandard weaponry, you are going to have problems. I have implemented new requirements for my hard mode teams within my clan, I require that all my players bring fully upgraded legendary/exotic weaponry, preferably with void damage on them. If you have an exotic Ghallajorn rocket launcher, complete all the upgrades and bring it with you, it is simply devastating in Vault of Glass. If you have players that are using weapons that do not have maximum damage output, you are going to have problems with general crowd control on the goblins throughout the raid, issues with boss enrages, and issues destroying oracles. All around you are going to have a miserable time if you do not bring your weapons up to the standard. So tip #2, take the time to obtain and fully upgrade your legendary/exotic weaponry, it will pay off big time.

Last but not least, just realize that even at level 30, this is going to be very hard to complete. But with taking the time to hit level 30 on your character, and upgrade all your best weapons, I can promise you that this can be done. Before going into hard mode make sure that your raid group realizes that yes, you are going to die A LOT. It’s ok, just keep notes on WHY or HOW you guys died, and make the necessary changes to remedy these types of issues. So Tip #3, realize you’re going to die a lot, don’t give up, keep at it and once you finally do see Atheon fall, it’s going to feel great!

As I stated at the beginning of this article it was impossible for me to find people who beat Vault of Glass hard mode using legitimate tactics, therefore our team didn’t really have a guide as to how others have done it. With that said our team is posting videos as we record them on how we beat hard mode, if you need any help and would like to see what worked for us, you can visit our Youtube channel.


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