Destiny – Vault of Glass Glitch, Opening the Vault Solo

Destiny Player Clears Vault of Glass With Sparrow Intact

If you’ve picked up shared-world shooter Destiny and deviled in its quite challenging Vault of Glass raid, then you know it’s no job for a lone wolf and teamwork is for the most part essential.

The Help of your fellow Guardians isn’t necessary to complete the first stage of the testing raid, with a glitch making it possible to complete the stage solo without even having to fire a single bullet.

How you do it

Just travel to the Vault of Glass and once you spawn jump on the sparrow and head right, you’ll see an entrance right in front of you and once you enter the “The Spire is Forming” message will appear which means the glitch has taken effect. All you need to do is stay in the room for around 2-3 minutes and then make your way back to the Vault of Glass door, which now should be opening.

The glitch comes in handy for bagging the first loot chest available just before you jump down and take on The Templar, usually offering some much-needed and scarce ascendant materials for those weapons and armor.

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