Destiny Wrath of the Machine Raid Secret Chest Location


Destiny: Rise of Iron is going down pretty well with Guardians so far and the main source of enjoyment is coming from the Wrath of the Machine raid unlocked recently.

If you decided to take a little look around before really jumping into the raid fully, you could come across a secret chest which holds SIVA key fragments and other goodies. Finding the chest isn’t easy and explaining it in words would be rather confusing.

With that said, YouTuber Arekkz, who lives on Destiny, released a short video showing the directions you need to take to bag the loot. As you would expect, it involves plenty of boosting, jumping, and near death experiences.

Check it out below:

If you manage to get your hands on 10 SIVA fragments you can create a Siva Cache Key. These keys open caches found later on in the raid which contains extremely decent loot.

Rise of Iron is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Have any secrets from the expansion you’d like to share?

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