The Five Best Games From E3 2015


E3 2015 has shut its doors and crept back into the shadows for yet another year, but left its mark on the industry with an ample selection of games hitting the market this year and through the next. Not everyone had a smooth expo however, some titles didn’t have the desired impact, while others thrived and now have good support as they begin their journey towards launch.

Like last year, LzyGmrs took in E3 2015 like a cute stray cat, drooling over the many surprise announcements and well-choreographed gameplay demos like the fanboys we are. From which we managed to ruffle together the five games we believe owned the event, blowing everyone else out of the water and dotting itself down on the list of games we’ll be picking up in the future.

Uncharted 4

Sony closed their press conference with the next installment of the Uncharted series, set to be the final adventure for protagonist Nathan Drake. Obviously they want to give the hero a decent swan song, and with an action-packed gameplay demo they delivered.

What made the demo special was the variety, offering the usual addictive gunplay as Drake and Sully make their way through a market full of enemies, then feeding us a chase scene complete with beautiful cinematic set pieces, all the time delivering the same slapstick humor that makes such a harrowing situation look like a comedy sketch.

Uncharted is a special kind of beast that allows finds a way to enthrall you with exciting gameplay and cinematic beauty. It almost makes you feel sad such a much-loved series is having its farewell on current-gen consoles.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

It seems gamers have a fascination with dinosaurs, which makes sense, it’s something we rarely see in games today; Turok the only one that comes to mind. Sony are always game to seize an opportunity and at E3 decided to inject so pre-historic giants into their press conference, but in a completely different way.

Horizon follows the remains of a civilization following a catastrophic event, leaving the cities once filled with everyday life now taken back by mother nature. You take control of Aloy, a hunter trying to survive in a world over-run by very aggressive robotic dinosaurs. The very life-source of these creatures are used by humans to survive, making the mechanized beasts fair game. Guerrilla Games have promised no loading screens in-game, a dynamic day-and-night cycle, and an open-world which you can explore when not tied up in a mission.

There’s always a considerable amount of excitement behind a new IP and Horizon: Zero Dawn seems to deserve it. It looks amazing, has an impressive premise, and the gameplay doesn’t look to shoddy either.

Fallout 4

Once Bethesda announced they would be setting up their conference for the first time ever at E3, speculation grew that something pretty big was to be announced. That feeling was justified as the developer announced Fallout 4 in the days leading up the event, sending the internet into complete meltdown, but it wasn’t until E3 came that we got to see the game in action.

The game is set in Boston, Massachusetts and other parts of New England. Unlike previous installments, Fallout 4 will begin the day nuclear warfare kicks off, instead of years in the future when the radiation has finally settled. Your character will flee to Vault 111 where he will stay for 200 years before surfacing and explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

On the gameplay front there’s plenty of new features, the most notable being your character’s ability to speak, a first for the series. The gameplay demo at E3 also shows an ample selection of weaponry and gear available to your character, which you will use to murder the fearsome monsters that see you as dinner.

The added bonus is the game will launch within the calendar year, so start saving up those cents, there’s a wasteland to explore.


Electronic Arts have always made a name for themselves by releasing action-packed shooters and sports games like FIFA and Madden. With that said it came as a surprise when the publisher announced Unravel, a physics-based puzzle platformer with a harrowing story about a cute little bundle of yarn.

Swedish developer Coldwood studios bring you the story of Yarny, whose journey shadows as a connection of an old woman’s memories to her loved ones. The mixture of story and gameplay is well-balanced, pulling at your heartstrings will keeping you entertained with gameplay that sees Yarny get more skinny the further you progress through a level.

It was good to see an independently developed game get more recognition as you would expect at such an event, so kudos to Electronic Arts for putting it on the big stage amongst its more recognizable titles.

Star Wars Battlefront


It’s normal to feel slightly worried that so many years invested in Battlefield would mean Star Wars Battlefront would take unwanted cues from the popular shooter. The gameplay demo shown at E3 showed that developer DICE wanted Battlefront to be rich in Star Wars source material and be its own game, nothing like the military shooter.

The Battle of Hoth multiplayer demo showed 20 Rebels and 20 Imperials fighting on the snow-laden planet of Hoth, with both sides tasked with very different objectives. Imperials must protect AT-ATs as they advance on the Rebel’s base, while the latter must take down the walkeers by any means. The addition of NPC’s add more action to proceedings, making the maps not feel too empty, every inch teeming with blaster fire.

Obviously EA want the game to look as beautiful and well choreographed as possible on such a big stage, so you may think the actual experience itself would be slighty lackluster. Amazingly it isn’t and delivers the same level of excitement shown in the demo. Needless to say we don’t have to worry about Battlefront becoming a skin-changed Battlefield clone.


If you missed out on E3 2015 then don’t you worry, we have a dedicated section for the even right here. Check it out to catch up on what you missed.

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