5 PlayStation 4 Games That Owned E3 2016


An overwhelming sadness comes over me when E3 closes it doors for another year. For months, I’ll be watching gameplay demos of new games, waiting for their release this year and into the next.

Sony had a particularly strong showing, with games the order of the day. Those in attendance at Sony’s presser witnessed new IPs and much-anticipated sequels.

We followed proceedings and covered what we could, so it only seems fitting to pick five PlayStation 4 games we think stole the show at last weekend’s conference.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


Guerrilla Games look to have hit the money with Horizon: Zero Dawn. The lush landscape and robotic wildlife that traverses it present a unique comparison never seen before. RPG’s are the new driving force of the gaming industry and Zero Dawn’s stunning E3 2016 showing shows the PS4 exclusive is leading the charge.

Resident Evil 7


I downloaded the teaser demo for the sequel once it became available and found myself going to sleep with every light in the house turned on. It’s a significant change from how Capcom usually presents the horror franchise, with no gunplay -at least in the demo – present. This takes nothing away from the sheer terror of playing, similar to the spine-tingling moments of Hideo Kojima’s PT demo. Did we mention you can play the whole game in PlayStation VR?

The Last Guardian


Wouldn’t be right to not include such a classic. It’s been a long wait and we’re still waiting for The Last Guardian to release on the PlayStation 4. Not much of the game was shown at E3 this year, but the presser did reveal a release date for October 25th this year. A trailer teased the other animals and the connection between boy and Trico.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


The popular shooter is returning once again this year to deliver a futuristic campaign and fast-paced multiplayer. With the new exclusivity deal with Activision in place, Sony got the honor to share new gameplay from Infinite Warfare, which you can check out here. While the reveal trailer for the game was disliked by many on YouTube, the gameplay demo has turned some heads with innovative gameplay, so there’s hope the multiplayer and remainder of the story mode lives up to what was shown.

God of War


Sony wasted no time showing off the new God of War game at E3 2016, opening their press conference with the popular series. Things are looking different for the much older Kratos, with Santa Monica Studio stripping the game and building from the ground up. The new look has a more serious tone as Kratos  and his son live in the world of the Norse gods and monsters. A plethora of new gameplay features is also promised, making this God of War entry the most fleshed out installment yet.

There was plenty of other games shown during Sony’s press conference we didn’t mention above. If you have a favorite you want to share then let us know in the comments below.

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