Fallout 4’s Final DLC Nuka-World Gets New Trailer and Release Date


The content season for Fallout 4 is coming to a close and the final piece of post-launch content will be the gigantic Nuka-World theme park, the last ride taking place on August 30th.

Dont worry, Nuka-World isn’t all point-and-shoot, they are actual rides and amusements you can try, surrounded with the usual no-good raiders and a fine selection of new insect-themed enemies ready to tear you a new one.

The DLC as a whole seems to have a more light-hearted feel to those that came before – take the bleak Far Harbor DLC as an example.

To get you in the mood for its release later this month, Bethesda released a trailer showing the vast area in which the DLC takes place.

It’s sure to be one hell of a ride….

I’ll leave myself out.

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