Fallout 4 – Need Copper? Here are the Items you Need to Salvage

Base building in Fallout 4 is a great way to express your creative side, but no the downside you need resources to build your post-apocalyptic mansion. One resource that you may find hard to obtain is copper, mostly used for power generators and other electronic items that give your homestead a more modern look.

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Each settlement area will have a good amount of resources to salvage. For the most part you’ll spend your time picking up wood, steel, and ceramic, but there’s copper to be snatched up as long as you know where to look.

Here are some items that can be scrapped for copper, while other items will produce the same, those shown below are found more frequently throughout Fallout 4.

  • Light Bulb
  • Broken Light Bulbs
  • Cooking Pot
  • Vacuum
  • TubeFuse
  • Bone Cutter
  • Telephone
  • High-Powered Magnet
  • Broken Lamp
  • Shadeless Table Lamp
  • Hot Plates

Bethesda have added a nice little feature that makes scavenging for particular items much easier. Whilst in the Workshop screen and over an item you wish to build, press the “mark for search” option at the end of the screen. Doing this will put a small magnifying class beside any item you come across on your travels that can be used to create the item you desire. Doing this will also make your search for copper less stressful.

If you want to straight-up buy copper then head to the Drumlin Diner near the center of the map and the shopkeeper stationed there. After two days her stocks will replenish so just come back when you need more, as long as you have the caps.

Finding copper just isn’t an easy task and there’s no way around doing it without hard work. So dig deep wanderer, the grind never changes.

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