Fallout 4 Nuka-World Guide: Where to Find The 10 Hidden Cappy Symbols


If you’ve picked up the Nuka-World expansion for Fallout 4 then you know there’s plenty to do in the amply-sized theme park. We’ve already guided you on how to find 20 Star Cores and now deem it the right time to point you towards the 10 hidden cappys(Nuka Cola mascot) needed to complete the Cappy in a Haystack quest.

Once you talk to Sierra and agree that you’re also a huge Nuka Cola fan, she’ll give you a tour of the park. Once you go through the formalities, Sierra should give you her sunglasses which can be used to locate pictures and a code along with. Getting all the codes will supposedly allow you entry to the office of John-Caleb Bradberton, the man who created the popular soft-drink.

Let’s get started.

Nuka Town

Head through the main entrance and you should be facing the lake bang in the middle of the area. Head left and past the bottle figurine by the benches and start to hug the wall. Follow the wall until you come to a dead-end with buildings with pointy tops on them. On the wall, you should find the Cappy symbol.

Fun House

Head to the Fun House entrance and head inside. Take the small door on the left and continue left into the spiral room. Open the second door on the right-hand side of the room, the Cappy symbol will be inside.

Kiddie Kingdom

The Cappy symbol is located in the large and partially damaged tower in front of the castle. Follow the stairs to the very top and find Cappy on the wall.

Dry Rock Gulch

At the Dry Rock Gulch entrance, head right and follow the path around until you come to the cemetery. The gravestone close to the wall at the front will have the Cappy symbol plastered on its back.

Galactic Zone (1)

Outside the Star Control entrance, head right and up the stairs. Take a left and another left until you come to the escalators. At the end head right and towards the entrance to Space Walk. Just on your left before the entrance, you’ll find a Cappy symbol on the wall.

Galactic Zone (2)

Head back to the entrance to Star Control. This time head left and behind the stairs to the right again. Beside a chain link gate, you should find the Cappy symbol on the wall to your left.

Primate House

Head to the Safari Zone and find the entrance to the Primate House. A line of bushes follows to the entrance on both sides. A small hole can be entered through the bushes on the left side, with a turn to the right upon entry showing a Cappy symbol on the wall,  just below the huge gorilla butt.

Cappy’s Treehouse

Head to the entrance of Cappy’s Treehouse found west of the Primate House. Enter the maze and take these directions. Right, Right, Left, Left, and Right. The straight should lead you to a dead end and a Cappy symbol on the wall.

Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster

Mad Mulligan’s Minecart Coaster can be found north of Dry Rock Gulch. Head through the entrance and take a right into the mine-themed tunnel. Stick to the left until you come to an open area with a shack. The Cappy symbol can be found on the shack itself.

The World of Refreshment

Make your way to the World of Refreshment and enter the area through the underground tunnel submerged in water. Follow the path past the town until you come to a wild west themed section. On the left-hand side, you should find the symbol on the side of a building.

So there you have it, all 10 locations of the Cappy symbols needed to complete the

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