Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Walkthrough Quest Guide – Vision of the Future

Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Walkthrough Quest Guide - Vision of the Future

We’re back with another quest walkthrough for the recently released Vault-Tec Workshop DLC for Fallout 4. After completing The Watering Hole quest we’re straight into the Vision of the Future quest and ever closer to Vault 88 supremacy.

The quest starts with Overseer Valery Barstow complaining that the Hippocratic Oath isn’t viable and that doctors need to focus on the greater good than the welfare of those living in Vault 88.

She tasks you with creating a Phoropter prototype using the workshop mechanic. You’ll need 4 steel, 25 Nuclear Material, 3 glass and 4 Aluminum to create the prototype. Once created, you’ll need to attach a generator and terminal to it, similar to previous creations made in the vault.

Note: Once the machine is active your character can use it to gain a boost a perception.

The next step is similar to The Watering Hole quest, with parameters coming into play once again. Three are available to choose from, each one offering a different end result.

  • Subliminal message – This parameter will have the phoropter play selected imagery to improve the vault dweller’s thought on the vault and the Overseer.
  • Vault Monitoring – This parameter activates a small MRI through the machine, reading the dweller’s mind and display what they’re thinking.
  • Improved Eye Care –  This parameter will turn the machine into a regular optometrist’s tool.

Once you’ve chosen a parameter, return to the Overseer and await the results following Clem administering the experiment.

If you’ve chosen The first two parameters then the settlers will become angry and leave the vault depending if you successfully pass a speak check. Any parameter that is chosen will still complete the quest and initiate the Lady Luck quest.

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