Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop Quest Walkthrough – Power to the People

Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop Quest Walkthrough - Power to the People

Now that you’ve cleared the debris blocking the many sections of the vault, you can start focusing on making sure everything is in working order. So let’s waste no time and jump right in and explore more of what Vault 88 has to offer.

The next quest is titled “Power to the People” and is activated once you complete the quest “A Model Citizen”. Firstly, you’ll need to head to the Vault 88 main entrance and pick up a vault dweller suit found in the area. Next, make your way to Clem and interact with him to put the Vault 88 attire on.

Now go speak to Valery Barstow , who should instruct you to build a Power Cycle 1000 prototype. The object will require steel, screws, rubber, and copper, so make sure you have all of them in supply. Create the prototype and when ready connect a terminal to the prototype and connect it to a generator for power.

Once you boot up the terminal, it will give you three different Overseer parameter options for the experiment. These include additional power production, sustained usage incentives, and environmental enhancer. It’s worth noting, that choosing a negative parameter won’t make you very popular.



  • Additional Power Production – This parameter will shock Clem when he dips below the performance expected of him, encouraging faster cycling, equalling more power.
  • Environmental Enhancer – This parameter is more relaxing for Clem, causing less stress but on a production level doesn’t produce the same results. This option does keep you in good nick with the vault populous.
  • Sustained Usage Incentives – This parameter injects Clem with Buffout, helping him pedal faster and for longer periods. The user will eventually associate the drug with cycling, making for an efficient subject.

Once you pick a parameter, Clem will jump onto the prototype and begin to cycle. After a certain period of time, the power of Vault 88 will go out and Clem will be thrown from the bike, which will then need to be repaired using the workshop feature.

Report back to Barstow, who will speak to you according to the parameter you’ve chosen. Following the completion of the quest, the prototype bike can be mass produced and the next quest “The Watering Hole” will be activated.

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