Fallout 4 Vault-Tec Workshop Quest Walkthrough – The Watering Hole


We’re back with another quest walkthrough for the recently released Vault-Tec Workshop DLC for Fallout 4. After completing the Power to the People quest, it should initiate The Watering Hole.

The fetch quest will take you out of Vault 88, as Valery Barstow tasks you with travelling to HalluciGen,Inc and obtaining chemicals for ongoing experiments inside the Vault.

Leave the Vault and start making your way to HalluGen headquarters. On arrival, head through the main door and through the easy to follow path until you come to a room with a Gunner Conscript present. Having trouble finding the Gunner? Just listen to the sounds of someone tripping out. 

In the room should be a stash of research notes, obtain them and return to Vault 88 and the Overseer. Keeping an eye out for enemies as per usual is a key to success, some of them can be sneaky.

The next step is similar to the Power to the People quest, with parameters coming into play once again for. Barstow thinks breaks for water whilst vault dwellers are working isn’t efficient and wants to sneak chemicals into their soda to improve productivity. To achieve this you need to build a Soda Fountain and pick the parameter of your choice.

Build the Soda Fountain using the workshop mechanic and attach a terminal and generator to it. Access the terminal and choose one of the three parameters found below.

  • Appetite Suppressant – This parameter will distribute a lipstratin derivative from the soda machine, leaving Vault dwellers less hungry and less inclined to eat more of the vault’s ration supply.
  • Mood Enhancer – This parameter will work to make vault dwellers feel more relaxed about Vault 88 while experiencing mild hallucinations.
  • Generic Caffeine – Everybody needs a cup of Joe in the morning.

Once you’ve chosen the parameter you think best suits the vault, Clem will begin to distribute it to vault dwellers for an hour. Afterwards, return to the Overseer to analyse the results.

On completion, the quest Vision of the Future should be activated.

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