Fallout 4 – Where to find Every Star Core in the Nuka-World DLC


If you’ve picked up the Nuka-World expansion for Fallout 4 then you may notice guard bots currently infesting the grounds of the amusement park. The power down these nuisances you’ll need to obtain a minimum of 20 Star Cores, all found within the confines of the park.

Unfortunately, Bethesda gives you no indication where to find them, leaving you in the dark when roaming. Thankfully, we’ve put together an easy to follow guide on how to find them, the majority of which can be found in the dungeons of Nuka-World.

Check the location out below:

RobCo Battlezone Area

This area is teaming with things wanting to kill you and encounters, in general, are pretty tough, so make sure your well equipped before searching.

  • Once you enter, you should see a seated area. From there, turn left and down the corridor, somewhere in the hall will be a locked door, behind it, you’ll find two Star Cores. (2/6)
  • Near the seated area you’ll find a souvenir stand, a Star Core can be found on the shelf. (3/6)
  • When you come across the robot arena, circle it to the left and find the path leading into a tunnel, once you come to a console you should find a Star Core. (4/6)
  • The last two Star Cores of the section can be found in the arena itself, so save before entering as you’ll need to kill three waves of tough enemies before exiting. (6/6)

Starlight Interstellar Theater Area

This area isn’t very easy to follow, with the four Star Cores here in very sporadic places.

  • Upon entry, head left down the corridor until you come to a bathroom. Enter the gentleman’s and look for a hole in the wall. The dead man among the rubble will be in possession of a Star Core. (1/4)
  • Head back to the entrance and this time head right and towards the kitchen area. In the area should be a door, which behind you’ll find another Star Core. (2/4)
  • Onward to the main seated area. Go to the rear of the room and find a console, a Star Core should be on it. (3/4)
  • Find a nearby elevator and make your way to the catwalks above. From here you can find a control room and the last Star Core inside. (4/4)

Nuka Galaxy Area

This area can be very dark, so if you can activate the amusement ride lighting, finding your way around can be much easier.

  • Upon entry, make your way through the queening area. Once past that you should see a door on the right-hand side in the direction the ride will take. A Star Core can be found inside the room. (1/7)
  • Go further down the ride until you come to a room full of planets. On the far side of the room, you should find stairs leading down leading to a corridor holding a console and another Star Core. (2/7)
  • Follow the same corridor until you come to an elevator on the left. Use the elevator and turn left on exit and find an opening to a room. A console should be across from you holding another Star Core. (3/7)
  • Now you must head right and through the rubble until you come to stairs, follow it up to get back to the ride and straight away turn left. You should see a small flight of stairs, follow it to find another Star Core.(4/7)
  • Return to the ride and follow it to its end. You should find a key and an another Star Core at a console where you get off. The key opens a door that brings you back to the ride entrance. In-between this shortcut is a small set of stairs and an office holding another Star Core. (6/7)
  • The final Star Core can be found in the same area as the last. Just look for the small control booth area and the Star Core near some computers. (7/7)

Vault-Tec: Among the Stars Area

Plenty of enemies in this area, so like before, make sure you’re well equipped for what lies ahead.

  • Firstly, take the elevator down to the start of the ride. Go to the area with a heavy Protectron presence and look for a locked door of the beaten path. A room beyond this will hold a Star Core. (1/6)
  • Once you follow the ride to a living room area, look for the lock sliding door that leads to an observation area. In here you’ll find the second Star Core.(2/6)
  • One of the other living room exits lead to a highly radioactive room, another Star Core can be found here. Make sure to have some Radaway stashed in your inventory. (3/6)
  • The final area holding threeStar Cores can be found by picking the sliding door in the living room and entering and going through the office and ending up at the main observation area. In a loot chest, you’ll find the goods. (6/6)

Starpoint Nuka Area

You’ll be happy to be out of those dungeons no doubt. Outside you’ll find five more Star Cores waiting to be picked up.

  • Find the Starpoint Nuka mainframe, with a dead body. Close by you’ll find a Star Core (1/5)
  • Make your way into Starpoint Nuka and immediately make your way upstairs. You should find another Star Core behind a locked display case. (2/5)
  • Now make your way to Starpoint Nuka base and pass the gate upon entry. From here, look for a dead body near some sheds, a Star Core is nearby. (3/5)
  • There should be a long ramp nearby, follow it down until the end and a Star Core will be found on the right-hand side. (4/5)
  • Make your way to the very top floor of Starpoint Nuka, accessible after completing the quest “Power Play”. Shouldn’t be hard to find upon entry. (5/5)

Nuka-World General Area

These Star Cores are found in the general Nuka-World Area.

  • Head to the Nuka-World Market. You’ll find a Star Core on a table on the north side. (1/5)
  • Head to the Nuka-World Bottling building and into the Quantum area, in here you’ll find a Star Core (2/5)
  • In Dry Rock Gulch, look for a dead person, near the corpse will be a Star Core. (3/5)
  • Southwest of the map you should find a junkyard, north-east of that will be a barn looking building. Inside, you’ll find a Star Core. (4/5)
  • Head to Nuka-Cade. At the entrance, turn right and towards the faculty area, the Star Core can be found in this area. (5/5)

When you have an idea where to find these little bundles of joy, it doesn’t feel like too much of a task bagging twenty. Hopefully, this guide will get you on the right track.

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