Ace Combat 7 Rises From The Ashes

Ace Combat 7 Rises From The Ashes

Ace Combat 7 is bringing smiles to faces with the recently released trailer. Having the option of VR support can be risky but has been welcomed by fans of the series, giving it a new direction which it desperately needed.

Within the first few seconds of the trailer, we find out that The Kingdom of Erusia is starting a war, with my face glued to the screen etching for information on the new storyline. Fans will know of the backstory to the series but those who don’t, the majority of the Ace Combat games take place in a science fiction world called Strangereal. This alternate reality Earth, with its fictional continents, countries and factions has allowed for a massive potential in terms of story.

This is Bandai Namco’s attempt to keep up with triple A titles such as Call of Duty and has fans holding their breath.

DualShockers recently spoke to producer Kazutoki Kono for a statement if we will ever see remake of previous titles, with his response is one that suggesting it’s unlikely.

In terms of remakes, I’m very thankful that there are a lot of fans and voices saying “hey, we want to experience the story again.” Should the chance present itself, I would certainly like to examine it, but there are a lot of tricky issues that we took on with the past wars, thematically, so it would be a very tricky thing to navigate.

But if the chance presents itself, then I would like to explore it, absolutely.

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In recent times many developers have returned to square one, looking back at what worked well in the past, using it to captivate previous original fans and in some cases re-releasing old titles to engage those fans once again; Bandai taking the high road choosing to continue new releases with old loved ideas.

“Old dogs can’t learn new tricks” is a saying in this case I hope is incorrect.

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