Evolve – Big Alpha Livestream and Review by LZY GMRS

As of 9:00 AM PDT the “Big Alpha” for the upcoming shooter Evolve went live for Xbox One owners. Evolve is a first person shooter by Turtle Rock Studio, the makers of Left 4 Dead and slated for a February 2015 release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The alpha will go live for PS4 and PC owners 24 hours later on Halloween Day at 9:00 AM PDT.

In Evolve, players are set in the future as they enter mysterious planets while they party up with their friends in groups of 4, known as hunters or they can run solo and play as the giant monster and attempt to destroy the hunters. As a hunter  you won’t only need to worry about the other player posing as a giant monster which kills wildlife to quickly evolve, but you must use precise teamwork to overcome other hazards in the environment including flying creatures, smaller ground based monsters, and even plant life that will try to kill you and your team. This style of multiplayer gameplay is similar to what was done in Left 4 Dead, which was a very successful recipe for fun.

LZY GMRS will be going live tomorrow evening (Halloween night) on Twitch to live stream Evolve with a few friends and give our opinions and review of the game. The game will be played on Playstation 4 and the stream will go live approximately 9:00 PM PDT. Please be sure to drop in and gave us some strategies or thoughts on the gameplay as we attempt to hunt, or be hunted.

Have you gotten a chance to play the Big Alpha for Evolve yet? What are your thoughts on the game? Be sure to comment below and let us know your opinion, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook!


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