Evolve – PS4 Users Experience The Big Alpha Fail

October 31st, 2014 was supposed to be an exciting day for gamers all around the world who were accepted into “The Big Alpha” as they anxiously awaited for Turtle Rock Studio’s servers to come online and join in on the excitement. As livestreams fired up and built viewer count, hyping up the excitement as players patiently waited for the servers to go live, there was silence.

Approximately 20 minutes after the PS4 servers were set to go live, @evolvegame tweeted an update stating “PS4 users, we’ll have an update for you shortly”. As users and streamers continued to wait there was more silence. Finally almost two hours later it was announced on the Evolve Official Website that PS4 users would not be getting their chance to play in the Big Alpha due to an issue with the 2.0 Firmware update for PS4 earlier in the week.

Turtle Rock Studios did however state, that if they had an Xbox One or PC they could immediately receive a code for either platform, but otherwise they would continue to work with Sony on a solution, with no information on when gamers might be able to expect to participate in the alpha.

To much disappointment the PS4 livestreams began shutting down, or moving to a different game to play as the realization set in that they would likely not be able to participate in the Evolve alpha. Maybe PS4 users will get their chance in the future, but it is highly unlikely it will be this weekend.

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