GamerCon Ready to Lay Claim to Dublin This March

GamerCon Ready to Lay Claim to Dublin This March

This March, GamerCon will make its way to the Convention Center in Dublin, Ireland and serve a feast to a passionate Irish gaming community itching for an expo of their own.

The event, which takes place on March 18th & 19th, will see up to 20,000 gamers converge to the nation’s capital and mull over the latest technology, chat with some well-known gaming personalities and listen to live music from Irish band All Tvvins – FIFA 16 and Pro Evolution 17 fans will recognize the duo.

A gaming event of such magnitude needs plenty of backing and gaming retailer GameStop is no better partner, selling tickets for the event in store to save you jumping online to snatch them up. However, if online shopping is your thing, will also serve to your ticket needs.

GameStop isn’t the only gaming giants attaching themselves to the upcoming expo. Sony (Playstation), Microsoft (Xbox), Alienware, Razer and Creative are also coming along for the ride, so we can expect the very best on the show floor once the doors open and gamers flood in.

Needless to say, games will be the main attraction, with over 800 gaming outlets at the expo’s GamerZone for attendees to play, including a variety of virtual reality games making noise on the market right now.

The PC master race will also find plenty to do on St Patrick’s Day weekend, with Alienware and Razer showcasing all their new tech, allowing you to get hands-on with the expensive setups putting must rigs to shame.

With YouTube becoming a haven for gaming personalities to share their craft, it’s no surprise some well-known content creators will be present at the event. Ali-A, JeromeASF, Uberdanger, Clare Siobhan and AR12Gaming will be in attendance to meet fans, while the popular Little Carly, Little Kelly and MineVengers will cater to the younger Minecraft fans.

The man behind GamerCon, Ferdi Roberts, is taking back by the thousands of gamers snatching up tickets for the event, telling the Irish Examiner that the Irish gaming community is stronger than it’s ever been.

“Before we had even announced details, over a quarter of the tickets had been sold,” Roberts said. “The Irish games community is so passionate, but there’s been nothing like GamerCon in place to bring them together.”

Bringing it all together will be a spot of eSports action, a growing trend that’s taking hold in North America and finally dipping its toes in Europe.

If you’d like to experience all the above then you better snatch up tickets while you can. Doors for the event will open at 9:30am, shutting at 6:30pm on both dates. General admission will set you back €25, while a family pass will cost €80.

Unfortunately, VIP tickets for Saturday are now sold out, with Sunday VIP tickets in short supply. However, normal admission tickets for the Saturday are still available, for now. You can check out the GamerCon Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles for more details.

LzyGmrs will be attending the event this March to bring you all the coverage on site, so make sure to stay tuned for that and content leading up the event.

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