Halo 5 DLC: Monitor’s Bounty Unleashed



Titled “Monitor’s Bounty” 343 has released news on its upcoming DLC which includes new Warzone maps, weapons as well as a custom game browser and Observer mode that provides enhanced tools for players watching custom games.

At first glance, Monitor’s Bounty brings another impressive array of weapons and armor, such as the fan favorite grenade launcher along with new skins and attachments adding to the ever-growing arsenal at player’s disposal. Additionally, with Christmas just around the corner, the update will add the ability to gift purchased REQs to your friends. To promote this new feature all players will receive a free Gold Gift Pack in their REQ Inventory that can only be gifted to others.

The new Custom Games Browser allows players to find games that are in progress. An update to the Content Browser will also allow you to find a match, and be able to browse for in progress custom games.

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“We’ve also updated the content browser so that if you find a map or mode that you like, you’ll be able to browse for in-progress custom games from that file’s options,” explained UX design lead Vincent Hui in a blog post.

“This custom games browser is something the team has wanted to add for a long time for the community, but we needed the content browser and the search engine that powers it up and running first. Thanks for being patient, and we hope you enjoy it whether you’re running Duck Hunt 24/7, or just looking for new friends to slay!”

Along with this 343 have announced paid content, “Voices of War”. This comes with three new multiplayer announcers, including Edward Buck, 031 Exuberant Witness, and Yabda the Merciless. The pack drops with a small price tag of €10. Monitor’s Bounty is Halo 5’s ninth free expansion following up from Warzone Firefight and Anvil’s Legacy with more free DLC drops on the horizon. Monitor’s Bounty is set to hit Halo 5: Guardians on 8th December 2016.

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