October is a Serious Month for Games on PlayStation 4


We’re not known for predicting the future, but its safe to say our wallets will be empty come the end of October. That’s if you’re a PlayStation 4 users, with a plethora of top games releasing over the coming month.

It’s severely packed and we don’t know how we’re going to get the time to play the array of titles on offer. One thing we can do is show you what to expect, so check out some of the big games releasing in the month of October below.

Battlefield 1


Electronic Arts and DICE are back once again with another installment of the popular shooter franchise. Big changes will come with Battlefield 1, as the developer strips back everything modern for the perils of the Great War. We’ll be treated to a historically accurate single-player experience that includes many key battles from World War 1 and the journey of several characters, including the iconic Lawrence of Arabia.

Multiplayer is still the bread and butter of the shooter and has completely invested itself in the early 1900’s, with weapons, map design, vehicles, and much more all from that time. The shooter will once again go head-to-head with Call of Duty, and this time might give Activision’s shooter a good lashing.

  • Release Date – October 21st
  • Platform(s) – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Rise of the Tomb Raider


While the game has already seen its release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 users are late to the party but at the party nonetheless. The newest entry in the series follows Lara Croft once again as she jet-sets around the world in search of treasures.

Square Enix have fully supported the game outside the traditional play-style. Those who invest in a PlayStation VR or PlayStation 4 Pro can enjoy the adventure even more.

  • Release Date – 11th October
  • Platform(s) – PlayStation 4

PlayStation VR

The highlight of the month no doubt, PlayStation VR finally makes its arrival on the market – on my birthday no less – and promises a unique and immersive way to enjoy what the PlayStation 4 has to offer.

The hardware will come with some launch titles which include Batman: Arkham VR, VR Worlds, and much more. There’s plenty of new titles expected to release in the coming months and throughout next year, so anytime is a good time to jump on the VR train.

  • Release Date – October 13th
  • Platforms – PlayStation 4(obviously)

Titanfall 2


Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are finally bringing the Titanfall franchise to PlayStation 4. Titanfall 2 will be available for the console at the back-end of this month and build on all the fast-paced action its predecessor offered on Xbox and PC.

Unlike the original Titanfall, gamers can expect a fully-fledged single-player campaign alongside its exciting multiplayer offering. Improvments to Mechs – giant robot friends – has also been added, making their use on the Battlefield more rewarding.

If you’re thinking about giving Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare a miss this year then Titanfall 2 might be the shooter for you.

  • Release Date – 28th October
  • Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


If your thinking about giving Fallot 4 a break but still want to experience something Bethesda-themed, then The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim might be the game for you.

We’ve played the game on the PlayStation 3 enough to question out gaming habits but wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Tamriel for another bout of troll hunting. The majestic story you’ve played through will feature once again, along wth improved visuals and all downloadable content already released for the game.

  • Release Date –  28th October
  • Platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

What game are you looking forward to in the month of October? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow us on Facebook for more of today’s gaming news as it happens.

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  • Ucouldntbemorewrong

    Ya it’s a little nuts, gonna be so broke and divorced

  • Bobby Griffin

    I can play all these on my Xbox plus gears of war 4 , recore, forza horizo 3 and 2k basketball in real hdr mode.


      Wow can you play recore? why would you? So you can play VR on you xbox? really? read carefully!

      can you also play Uncharted 4, SFV, MLB the show 16, Ratchet and clank, No man’s sky (yeah I know, why would I put NMS? well for starters it scored way higher than recore).

      • Bobby Griffin

        First off I play games not scores. Gaming critics are a joke , everyone knows that fanboys run the media. SV5 is ok but lacking and can’t hold a candle to Killer Instinct. Who in the hell plays baseball or watch it lol


          no one plays scores, but they exist for a reason, to expose Abby random fanboy claiming an inferior game is better just because… I. E. Claiming killer instinct is better than sfv when there’s no evidence of that. The real complaint about sfv was that it lacked single player content that has been already added for free. Game play wise the game is unparalleled.

          Who watches and plays baseball? Really? Is that what sheep ask now? Just because M$ hasn’t had one in the last 10 years? Forza is the same boring driving game every time but you do get wet with that one right? Just because it’s the ONLY sports exclusive you get. Well, MLB the show 2015 sold better than forza horizon 2 ??? burn! ?

          Oh, you must have inadvertently deleted your answer about the VR you are playing this month, hell any vr for the xbone next year even? And what about ratchet and clank? I’m listening… What about uncharted 4? The best rated and best looking exclusive this gen… Yes? I’m waiting… ?

  • Giselle Brady

    Great month for PS4 owners. I feel bad for Xbox gamers. They always get left out and games are 720p.