Red Dead Online Domain Registered by Take-Two Interactive

Red Dead Online Domain Registered by Take-Two Interactive

With the internet solely focused on Rockstar teasing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption, publisher Take-Two Interactive have sneakily registered a domain for Red Dead Online, putting a fleshed out single-player experience in doubt.

While some might not take to a more online-focused release, others will see it as solid confirmation that Rockstar do have a sequel to the series in development, which, for the gamers, is a win in its own right.

Such a move makes sense given the success of Grand Theft Auto 5’s online portion, with over 80% of the player base frequently logging onto Rockstar’s servers and Take-Two raking in the cash due to their successful Shark Card range.

2010’s Red Dead Redemption did feature a multiplayer mode, albeit one not as fleshed out as GTA: Online. Players were able to play modes such as Team Deathmatch, free for all, and many others, with a maximum of 16 players per game.

According to sources within the industry, a reveal trailer for the sequel is expected to drop on Thursday, so keep your ear to the ground for that.

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