A Red Dead Sequel is Imminent, But What Will They Call it?


Hop onto any social media platform at the moment and talk of a sequel to Red Dead Redemption will be ever present. That’s because Rockstar Games start a hype-storm earlier today by releasing an image that all but confirmed a sequel to the 2010 release is on the cards.

With such creative heads at the studio, we can’t image the developer to call the possible release Red Dead Redemption 2, so we decided to try to pick the best possible options.

We can totally see one of these happening.

Read Dead Simulator

Take control of a down and out cowboy and experience the wild west in a multitude of different ways. Take a bath, shoot a gun at some bottles, get your mustache greased. It’s all at your fingertips until the game gives you cholera and you die at the age of 22.

Red Dead Table Tennis 2

Want to take your career in table tennis to the next level? Why not jump in and gamble your stable of horses, children, wife, husband, or your desert-themed livelihood in general on a few games of hardcore batting action.

Red Dead Brotherhood

The game starts out with you uncovering that your ancestry involves cowboys with extensive skills in shooting, fighting, drinking, making loops with ropes, and other awesome cowboy related stuff. As you dive further into your family’s past, you start to attract the wrong attention, leading to a journey of lies and deceit on the desert plains.

Red Dead Redemption Remastered

Play Red Dead Redemption in all its remastered glory. Experience the same gameplay and missions that John Marston experienced back in 2010 and feel overwhelmed with disappointment that the game wasn’t a fleshed out standalone sequel.

Red Dead: Modern Warfare

The saloons of the west are replaced with late-night bars and margaritas. No longer are disputes settled with how fast you can draw a gun, instead you’re behind a desk screwing your enemies with paperwork and long hours away from home.

What do you think the new Red Dead title will be called?

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  • Orko

    My bets are on “Retribution”, “Revolution”, or “Remaster Collection” lol.
    But thought this looked & sounded pretty cool…

    • Soda Popinski

      All pretty appropriate & fitting. One things for sure, it won’t be called “Red Dead Redemption 2” as many sites are ignorantly writing

  • Professor Murder

    It all started with Red Dead Revolver.
    Then we were all gifted a treasure with Red Dead Redemption.
    Coming soon, there will be no redemption. There will only be….

    Red Dead Revenge!