Red Dead Sequel Teaser Image Becomes Canvas for Hilarious Edits


All this waiting around for Rockstar to reveal the next installment in the Red Dead series would have you bored. Some fans have taken matters into their own hands to get a chuckle and used the recently released teaser image as a canvas for their creativity.

Below is the teaser image released on Twitter by Rockstar, showing seven cowboy silhouettes behind a rising sun.

The internet certainly didn’t hold back when showing just how creative they could get with the image and we went and found the best of the lot.

Check them out below.


The undivided attention some fans are showing to a game that’s still yet to be revealed shows how big the Red Dead series is.

With Take-Two Interactive recently registering a domain for Red Dead Online, those more comfortable towards a single-player experience are sweating at the prospect of a release more focused towards online.

According to sources within the industry, a reveal trailer for the sequel is expected to drop on Thursday, so keep your ear to the ground for that.

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